Montreal Agency Selects Caristix

Montreal Region Health Authority Selects Caristix for Interoperability Pilot Project

HL7® interface management software vendor selected for automation technology enabling interfaces to go live faster.

Quebec City, Canada – April 4, 2011 – The Montreal Region Health Authority, which coordinates care delivery for the city’s 1.9 million people, has selected Caristix software for use on a pilot basis to automate HL7® interface scoping, testing, and management for a region-wide clinical information system integration project.

The Montreal Region Health Authority will be implementing standardized electronic health records across all points of service in the region. The multi-stage project will eventually cover Montreal’s 89 hospitals, health and social services centers, long-term care centers, and other public healthcare institutions, as well as family physician practices and clinics. To achieve clinical and operational goals, the integration project must connect over 50 systems from 22 vendors through 140-plus interfaces. Caristix software will be piloted during the next deployment phase, covering 15 hospitals, 30 systems, and 100-plus interfaces.

“Our priority is to ensure that clinicians have the information they need to deliver effective care. We selected Caristix software and services to help us meet major interoperability goals across multiple facilities,” said Diamantino DeSousa, CIO for the Montreal Region Health Authority. “With the volume of interfacing we’re looking at, Caristix offers us the ability to go beyond standard trial-and-error interface configuration and help us meet our timeline and quality goals.”

“Interoperability supports patient safety, more effective clinical workflows, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes. We’re excited that the Montreal Region Health Authority has selected Caristix to support the interfacing that enables this important work,” said Stéphane Vigot, President of Caristix.

Caristix HL7® Software Suite

The Caristix HL7® software suite enables interface analysts and engineers to automate interface specification development, testing, and maintenance, resulting in reduced implementation time and costs. More information is available at

About Caristix

The average US hospital runs up to 100 IT systems. Not a single one of these systems can share patient information out of the box. But effective patient care demands that IT systems exchange information. So hospitals and vendors turn to data interfaces – 50 to 100 of them in an average hospital. However, it can take months of painstaking manual work to set up an interface.
Caristix has developed a software suite to automate this manual work. Our software reads data in an information system and outputs a list of requirements for setting up the interface. As a result, Caristix software can reduce months of work to a few days. Overall, our software can reduce interface deployment time by 50%, reduce hospital testing time by 75%, and cut interface maintenance time by 90%. To learn more, please visit

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