Workgroup Launch

Caristix Workgroup Technology Brings the Power of Collaboration to the HL7® Interface Lifecycle

Major new release of Caristix technology suite delivers control, visibility, and alignment throughout interfacing and interoperability environment

Quebec City, Canada – June 20, 2012 – Caristix, an HL7® integration software company serving healthcare vendors and hospitals, today announced Caristix 2.0, the latest version of its HL7® interface lifecycle management platform. Building on the first version’s groundbreaking abilities to turn real-world HL7® messages into interface specifications, test interfaces automatically, and track interface changes throughout the lifecycle, the new platform is the first to link every employee, every consultant, and every vendor across the interfacing lifecycle.

The Caristix Workgroup Edition enables hospitals and healthcare IT vendors to gain control and visibility over their interfacing ecosystems by dramatically simplifying the ability to connect and align teams – even in complex environments with multiple interface engines.

“Did you know that an interface can change as often as once a week? One of our customers is connecting 89 hospitals and practices with dozens of labs. With that many lab systems, their ecosystem needs to push out to lab code updates at least once week. They’re telling us Excel spreadsheets and email updates just don’t cut it. Caristix Workgroup Edition was designed to smooth those updates among multiple stakeholders and across multiple interface engines,” said Stéphane Vigot, President, Caristix.

Hospital leaders who outsource interface development and maintenance can benefit through full visibility into each stage of the interface lifecycle. Large healthcare provider organizations who work with internal teams, HIT vendors, and 3rd-party consultants can bring everyone together on interfacing, and still retain full control over interfacing knowledge once vendors and consultants leave. Healthcare IT vendors can transform the way their remote teams work with customers, enabling vendors to gain competitive advantage through reduced complexity and dramatically simpler communication. All organizations benefit by gathering interface specifications, sample messages, documents, spreadsheets, and test cases in one spot, with user access and permissions set up to match employer needs.

“As healthcare providers and vendors deliver on Meaningful Use, implementation teams are pushing their limits to deliver accurate interfaces on time. The new capabilities in the Caristix interface lifecycle management platform are designed to support interfacing best practices while enabling real-time collaboration,” said Stéphane Vigot.

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About Caristix

The average US hospital runs up to 100 IT applications. Not a single one of them can share patient information out of the box. So hospitals and vendors turn to data interfaces – 50 to 100 of them in an average hospital. Each interface can take months of painstaking manual work to set up.

Caristix has developed a software suite to automate manual work throughout the interface lifecycle. Our software reads HL7® data and outputs a list of interface requirements. As a result, Caristix software can reduce months of work to a few days. Reduce interface deployment time by 50%, reduce hospital testing time by 75%, and cut interface troubleshooting time by up to 90%.

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